December 18, 2015

That Weirdo Girl

Yours truly. Bubblegum. A weirdo of the highest order. How?

  • I love Orange juice and can drink liters of it after dinner too. Tropicana 100%? Even better.
  • I hate the sensation which gets created in my body if I see some one scratching the wall with nails or even with a cutter or the key. It kills me.
  • I can get high on water if with Frock buddy N. It has happened millions of time before. 
  • I disapproved even a drop of alcohol in the system. It was a taboo for me. I have opened some doors of my mind and I enjoy Mojito and Sangria now :D 
  • I hate Rasgulla and Jalebi. I do not like Gulab jamun as well. In short, any sweet with Sugar syrup turns me off. 
  • Wet towels on beds, paper chits on the floor and open cupboards irritate me. Almost an OCD.
  • I love sandals, boots and heals. I rarely have all of them in functional state. I stick to a sandal or a shoes every day,which induces comfort zone in me and I never buy other stuff which I otherwise adore. If you can get, what I mean.
  • I hate Gold. Due to the sheer craze of owning gold stuff and multiplying its value. Due to the madness and thus heart burns it brings to a joined family. Due to the risk it brings to me when I wear them. Due to mothers and aunties who judges a bride/a lady on the basis of Gold she is wearing in the wedding or other occasions. I hate it on men. 
  • I love stones. :D Don't stare. I do not like Gold but I love stones. 
  • I love gadgets. I am very possessive about each of them, at the risk of appearing stubborn and selfish. If I share some of my gadgets with you, even for an hour - You are lucky.
  • I was a toddler whose eyes never got kohl'ed thanks to my doctor Grand father who doubted this tradition since very beginning and also solved cases where toddler eyes were infected due to application of  home made kohl. I think this was quite ahead of  time and a bit weird to appear non-kohl'ed among a bunch of kids.
  • I was a pre-matured baby who survived on butter milk and not milk for many years.
  • In my teens I wore six pocket pants with ten something things in those pockets. Exactly the age when girls would start learning how to apply make up and appear beautiful. Sheesh.
  • I do not believe in religions but culture. 
  • I do count books I read. It just destroys the fun. I actually can't. 
  • I am not a Shahrukh/ Amitabh/ Any Hollywood actor fan. Not even Hrithik Roshan. 
  • I do not like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Yeah,whack me. 
  • I secretly loved History and Languages in the school. So much that always finished reading them before the first day of the new school year.
  • I am punctual. So much that I start developing judgments about people who do not hit the time line. Even worst, make me wait. 
  • I love Panipuris. I crave for mom made ones. So she knows whenever I come to Ahmedabad two meals would be Panipuris. Over the period of time some how I have stopped indulging into them for some reasons. May be I need a good company and a relaxed state of mind to enjoy the best food dish India collectively has produced. 
  • I love root vegetables. Not potatoes but sweet potatoes, yam, water chest nuts, radish, carrots,garlic, 'Kand' etc. Just steam them with Chaat Masala on them or eat them raw if you can. Some believe I have gone nuts when I eat Beet roots without boiling them. 
Are you a weirdo too, like me?

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  1. Associating sheesh with six pocket pants. For any age ... Silent protest is coming