December 8, 2015

To frock buddy N

You got married. It is unbelievable. In fact, it is almost paradoxical! :D

It was one of the few weddings the first wedding which I attended super closely, not one but all functions. (How I wished I could have been there for every single thing in which you got involved!) It was almost an experience only a sister can get. Your wedding, for me was re-living my life. Almost twenty six years of our lives!

Rushing to your place on the very first day of my trip (After missing your Mehendi) with wet henna on both my hands, with the help of Mr.ISB was predictable. But, going to my old home beside your home with you and Mr.ISB was something I did not predict. It was like entering back into our childhood. Being in the same old hall, flipping through kids' literature. I hope your relatives did not notice the bride running away to be with the childhood friend for as silly as visiting old home of hers!

I have been eyeing on some gorgeous sarees to flaunt in all functions but I realized the Mandap would leave me messy if I would drape any of them. I easily slipped into my Anarkali and got ready to enjoy the most awaited wedding of my life, even before mine - I had planned to enjoy yours, remember? Right from running to the parlor with you, with my limited fashion sense helping you to decide your hair style and make up - one of the most serious suggestions I have ever made for you in my life. (Talk about being younger to your best friend!)

Your Haldi and the tradiational garbas on the tunes of the Dhols! That too after hogging on the delicious Kathiyawadi food along with a few liters of Chhash! It was 'a dream best friend's wedding' - if something like that ever existed in the world.

The wedding day of course stored more fun for me and frustration as well for both of us. Running after ornaments and flowers for your wedding wear with the driver was something I had missed during my wedding and believe me - doing it for the best friend is very very fulfilling. Seeing you dressed up in the bridal wear was not fun, but we being confused about the beautiful 'Pir' patterns/ Nath options was fun. (Yeah, you can kill me for calling it 'Fun'!)

Dancing in your Baarat, stealing Jutas and giving them back, managing your stress (And Didi's stress for you), managing your chunari, throwing flowers on people who threw flowers on you during pheras (Yes, I was worried about your look and your eyes both!), even receiving guests.  - each and every thing was beautiful. I do not exactly remember how many people I met from our lives - school, college, family members, offices. I only realized the fact that our lives and our childhood days can not be separated. Ever.

It was fun to pose with 'The married you'. It was fun all the way. It was super tiresome but in a brilliant way.

It was the sense of satisfaction of seeing a best friend sister getting married.

I wish we be the same. I wish we do not become too mature to miss the fun we always have in life!

(Of course I wish A can handle you just like how Mr.ISB manages me! :D )

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