December 20, 2015

The year it was, 2015!

I had missed this post last year, amidst some allergy breakouts ,confusions regarding relocation and new career opportunities. But, the year 2015 was so so happening that I have to give it a try to summarize every single thing I can recollect.

Such a summary (Am I talking like a smart ass wife of an MBA?) helps me to know myself a bit more, give myself that push to achieve more and spread happiness more. So here I go..

January: This month was crazy. I kept on thinking about a job opportunity knocking on the door.It was one of the biggest decision I had made last year, as it included our relocation back home- Mumbai. Apart from this going confusion my mom came to Pune to stay with us. The bad part about the stay (The good part- she was not at home alone as dad and brother both were out of town) appeared when her blood pressure shot beyond the highest limit. We had to take her to the hospital urgently and run through cardiograms, ECG and some other tests. I also posted this.By God's grace and prayers offered by so so many people her heart and other organs were not affected and she was just asked to adjust medicines for some time. My dad flew down to our place and once they were back home at Ahmedabad she was treated. The root cause was found and now she is doing well. Touch wood. I realized the value of loved ones more than ever in those two days. It also made me aware that I am super efficient when in crisis.

February: In February unlike January, I was in peaceful chaos. I had decided to relocate. I celebrated each of my office day with my friends! We kept on drinking cutting chai. We kept on discussing future plans. We did every thing fun possible in office! Yes.

March: I did not blog much in March. We decided to club a friend's wedding at Jaipur with a trip to Sariska - A place forgotten by human beings but remembered by animals, 'ghosts' and Club Mahindra! I loved Jaipur so much for its colours, history and food! Colours of Rajsthan can brighten up my life, every single time!I resigned after the trip to grow my inner 'kida' of getting into a start up! Our second set of parents (In laws)  and SIL visited us and we all three kids (?) of the family had a good time cooking and resting in the lovely colony. March also included four farewells my friends and colleagues threw up for me!

April:April was a month of big change for this April baby. I started working in Mumbai on the fool's day which is still the hot topic of teasing me in now-not-so-new office. My friends and Mr.ISB arranged for a lovely surprise party in Pune and for that I was pushed to be in Pune! Mr.ISB threw up big little surprises in the form of books, a chef knife set, a set of mortal and pastel.I worked from Pune for many days thanks to the support I got from office, which included those days without power which compelled me to spend my whole day at different cafeterias. Quite an experience for me who can not survive at a place for a long period of time but home. By the way I also started A to Z blogging challenge! 

May: I just talked on and on (on the blog) finishing at Z.

June: June was a different world. I was getting into the new job and roaming around Mumbai like crazy. June brought knowledge of transportation/roads of this lovely city. I had to cancel an all female's Goa trip but got a gift of a Pondicherry trip from Mr.ISB. Ah, wait! Did I say we celebrated our first year of marriage there, eating delicious (Understatement) french food in cute cafes of Pondicherry, walking for miles together and not sticking to any time line? I wanted to blog about those memories but some how could not! (Shameful!) I started missing cooking here and later stopped doing it.

July: I was in love with my new work suddenly. The office was my another home. July was peaceful in a way and tiresome in a way. I was ignoring my health but settling down was a priority. Monsoons were dull and so was the life. Without Mr.ISB and rains.

August: August was no different than July but I was slowly getting into the groove. I witnessed a super awesome musical night with the family sans Mr.ISB. Some new singers who just turned the boring atmosphere around me in to the nostalgic one.

September: The most exciting month it turned out to be with our adventurous trip to Spiti Valley!
I grew wiser, thanks to this vacation! I can not describe the untouched beauty of this Himalayan Valley. After ages I had managed to spend my vacation with my bro-buddy (and husband and SIL together!) Life was on cloud 9 there, literally.

October: My Singapore room mate decided to fulfill her (forcefully taken?) promise of writing a guest post on the blog! She blabbered and people praised. and I loved it too! Mr.ISB also got inspired and wrote a guest post for me which never got posted due to several debatable reasons! :D
I also decided to help my buddies in the mammoth task of selecting a birthday gift for me six months in advance! :D I also took up my hobby of applying Mehendi to another level and created designs on my hand on four occasions.

November: November was relaxed and festive. I enjoyed every bit of Diwali preparations and celebrations. A whole week to spend with Mr.ISB was a luxury! Also, he got a good job offer from a company from Mumbai which made it the best month of the year?

December: My Frock buddy N got married and how! I started flaunting my sarees I got as wedding gifts, finally! The Ahmedabad trip with Mr.ISB was a blast. After ages I could spend my parent's anniversary day with them! Also the biggest reason to celebrate happened. Mr.ISB moved back home! :) :) My Masi from Canada came to Mumbai for a wedding and my parents are visiting us as well. I hope I can add a lot here before this year ends! :)

So, How was your 2015?

Mine was full of excitements, upturns, downturns and four major trips! :)

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  1. Good looking back!

    Wishing you a still happier 2016!