February 15, 2016

The Spiritual Morning

No, I have not become the Sharanarthi of any Adhyatmik Babas. We just chose to celebrate the Valentine's day being Spiritual. Just kidding.

Neither of us, Me or Mr.ISB are enthusiastic about Valentine's day. So, when my FIL came up with this idea of going to the 'The Spiritual Morning with Begum Parveen Sulatana' organised by 'Pancham Nishadh', we decided to consider it. (What Valentine's day?) Now, the only problem was the timing. Going to The Gateway of India at 5.30 in the morning would be a task on Sunday, for every deep sleeper in the family. Surprisingly I also was not convinced as, my hectic schedule (even on Saturday) makes me crave for that late-morning-sleep on Sundays. Some how Mr.ISB had declared his will before sleeping. He was hell bent on going to the program. Phew. (Yes, marriage changes people. I was denying to go to a musical morning and the Bollywood music fan but not classical music enthusiastic - Mr.ISB had made up his mind to not to miss it!)

So early in the morning when your husband wakes you up for around three four times (Or did I imagine things?) you have no option but to get up. I did the same, and glad I did.

What I witnessed was a gorgeous morning with musical notes in the air.

Thanks to Begum Sultana's Raag Ahir Bhairav. (and the Breakfast in Colaba!, and ah Mr.ISB)

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