February 8, 2016

aPOINTment # 11

A lot to catch up guys.

Finally the last wedding of the season happened and with that I loaded my laundry bag with those seven sarees and dresses to be dry cleaned. What a relief. I love social gatherings but they always come with travelling, piled up tasks at office, no breaks in between functions and what not. I seriously want no one to get married in next four months.

The Sunday ended well with a gathering at my mentor/director/dushman's place with all other team mates and their spouses (if there!). A seven months old toddler, two five years old kids, yummy food,lots of leg pulling happened. After an age I felt as if I have got a friend circle here in the city, whom I can approach any time. It was a good change. I secretly wanted Mr.ISB to enjoy this group of mine as well.Hopefully he did.

I have been struggling to go for a walk/run in the morning with some trouble in sleeping. I do not feel fresh when get up. I feel as if my mind needs to be de-cluttered. Either the fatigue of being the part of weddings in the family has grown within me or I need a real peace of mind to accommodate my calmer self and others. Not being comfortable in my own skin makes me super rebellious - I also fail to manage my radiating fire. Bubblegum, you need to be happy with yourself.

Work at office has been piling up like crazy. We lack the sense of urgency due to some slogging we are making. We need to be energized and create the fire. Only if words could change the scene.I am foreseeing long work hours soon. Very soon. I am geared up for the same. I have been on leaves like never before and now is the time to show the spirit! ("Only if words could change the scene!" :D )

I need to rearrange our bedroom. If not aesthetically classy, it needs to be totally functional. A place to keep laundry clothes. Some drawers to keep bags/medicines/gadgets/random things. I want to make it home where we live and just don't come to sleep/take bath. I want to associate memories with the room and a home with the room. If the sentence makes sense.

I have started disliking Mumbai for the lack of space, like never before but that does not mean I do not love the city any more. Only if in future, I can build a classy cozy but simple and not so expensive but still comfortable home with two parking plots on my own. Well, who knows.

I have lost my interest in cooking. It died some time back when I shifted to Mumbai but I was just ignoring its death. Time to move on. May be to revive it?

How are you guys? Any one still reading my post? :)

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