February 21, 2016

The Sunday #1

I absolutely don't want to waste my Sundays, especially now when I have working Saturdays. Phew. Week days are too hectic to fulfill elaborated dreams I weave :D Which makes my Sundays precious.

So I came up with this idea of starting 'The Sunday series, so as to keep myself in check. Yes, I should not waste my Sunday. I would like to do all those gazillion things I want to do in life, on Sundays.

So this weekend, I watched Neerja. The story line was so powerful and the real life story of Neerja Bhanot was so inspiring that I conveniently ignored Sonam Kapoor who looks fabulous when keeps her mouth shut. Okay, she was not so bad but the director was too smart to mold her in such a fashion that when she talks, it would be Neerja talking. I think I liked the movie, but will not watch it again. Shabana Azmi was as graceful as ever.

Our Sunday evening was spent in the musical atmosphere created by Ayaan and Amaan. For the introduction if one needs, they are sons of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and their identity is 'Sarod'. Raag Yaman Kalyan and strings they played created, made my evening. The Jugalbandhi of Tabla with Sarod was brilliantly crafted for our ears. I have never seen Sarod in my life, when I saw those fingers stringing the tune, I felt bad for our traditional instruments like Sarod and Santoor. I hope young people like Aman Ayan can keep them alive...

And otherwise my weekend was in Suits. The Suits. One of the very best series I have ever watched on any TV Channel. No technically, online. The character of  Harvey and Jessica impressed me so much that I refused to shut it off till my brain stopped registering due to my sleepy state of mind late in the night.. May be I should write a post on this series. Some day.

How was your Sunday?

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