February 3, 2016

Wedding blues - Not mine but mine

Yes, I am no more a newly wedded bride and that means I was responsible for my cousin's wedding preparations and management to some extent at Ahmedabad. Elder sister and all that. Crazy four days with all (Not all actually - we missed you masi and hate you Canada for this!)  my super enthusiastic mischievous masis and other relatives have drained me out but not so much that I can not blog about it.

  • I am one more time disappointed with myself getting painted by weird beauty artists. I look my best without any foundations and eye shadows. I have got to digest it and fight to preserve the right to flaunt myself without make up. My masis who were all too lazy to get dressed up on their own (They are too beautiful to apply make up on - every one of them!) opted for beauty artist's services and pushed me to get ready with them. It was a clear blunder but some how I managed to enjoy myself. No body can take (Read: Paint on) my spirit to enjoy!
  • I realized my figure has gone through a lot of changes after my wedding.I have managed to not to put on but at the same time my body has lost fat from weird places - not uniformly at all. That phenomenon made  me wear weirdly fitted dresses in all functions. No, I had no time to alter them before - unknown reasons. Do not ask me why.
  • I loved Mr.ISB gelling up with my family. I was/am in love with the world we all have made at Ahmedabad. I do miss my maiden family all the time here in Mumbai and dream of spending time with them along with Mr.ISB as a part of the family when miss them.
  • My youngest masi who has given me 'I can slip while walking any time , any where' characteristics as inheritance, managed to fall/slip thrice and yours truly lost to her in the score. 3-2 it was. :D
  • My cousin who got married almost looked like my mirror image in all her wedding outfits. No doubts raised in the observation by any one.
  • Some how dancing part was not as intense as my wedding Sangeet but it was not dull as well. Two hours long performances on the stage did bore me but there were people who loved it very much. My dad, brother and Mr.ISB also enjoyed photographing us so that nobody pushes them to dance :D They managed to try every single dish made in the name of quality control before any one. That is how they killed time.
  • I was super happy that gifts chose by me was loved and LOVED by the bride. How well I know her even when we are not too close. Blood thing?
  • Reception was in Rajkot and so we traveled for eight hours to attend  three hours long function. Only for my cousin. It was not worth the energy otherwise. 
  • I realized I look better without make up and I would like to reiterate it to myself for thousand times in the coming year. 
  • I have lost my appetite for now, after seeing huge spreads in all the functions. Typically Bubblegum. 
  • I am so dead tired now and can not imagine myself attending one more Sangeet and Wedding tomorrow. Which is any way going to happen. I hate weddings. Sad I know. 
  • I want to get back to the normal life.
Wedding blues. Not mine but mine.

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