April 1, 2016

A for April

The first month of the new Financial year in India. My birth month (Which I need to plan to celebrate alone thanks to my zulmi Piya going to the country of Vikings for work for three months!!). The month of mangoes.The month of scorching sun. The Month of chilled Nimbu Pani. The month of blasting Air Conditioners to their optimum capacity while getting tucked under a warm piece of blanket. (Weird me) The month of work anniversary in my new awesome job.

Reminds me of my last office. Always surrounded by friends/colleagues. Working on boring stuff after my favorite boss's resignation. I was happy for him yet under the trauma of not having any good mentors around any more. April was the month which created professional stagnancy and mayhem for a year afterwards.

Back to today. I am surrounded by four awesome people. Working on a messy table just after an hour of organizing it by yours truly. Dreaming about dreams. Carving strategies, failing numbers of times.carving some more and getting results. Right from invoice creation and inventory counting to cracking clients. Developing products from the vendor while being not really knowledgeable in the area. Acting the very moment a situation comes up.

This morning,when I entered office after having my tea to combat effects of anti-histamine taken to fight my perpetual cold, my director with his usual boring expressions informed me that delivery boy from vendor's place returned without dispatching the material as we all were down stairs for tea. Now this particular guy at our vendor's place is one Namuna with the skill of pissing me off every single time I ask him to do something. I got pissed off. My super transparent face showed my anger in micro seconds (The colour of my face was RED, as per my team) . I was furious that he did not call me before asking his delivery guy to return without dispatching. This consignment was super urgent for us. We were keen on testing the product he had manufactured.I wanted to punch that Namuna from the mobile phone itself and so I picked the mobile from my desk....

And my director commented..

"I hope he is not playing an April Fool prank, specially on your first work anniversary day with us" and gave me a big cunning smile.

And I  realized...

It is April.The month of playing fools.


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  1. During school, it was my favourite prank to play.. tell mom i am not going to school, since i have stomach ache.. and every year she would fall prey.. Now that i think of it.. may be she was just playing along, to see my happy face, when I would say.. April Fool