May 18, 2016

Arty-iest Wishes

I was & I am always a fan of hand made personalized cards.Not just plain flowers on it or wishes written in artsy fonts but something written/painted related to the person to whom you are gifting. Something which is close to him/her. Something about which he/she is passionate about. His/her unique personality trait.If you can what he/she hates the most, The Best. Yes, I am a big believer in gifting funny birthday/greeting cards apart from a handwritten notes in it.

Some how I have been failing to make such cards for near and dear ones in the way I always wanted to. Call it lack of time or energy,I either choose not to give any cards or play some pranks or gift something he/she wants. This card making business is something I avoided many a time last year. In fact I'm horrible at it since a couple of years.

So, after reading this , convincing my mom to paint like she used to in her childhood days and seeing a cousin experimenting with crayons - my usually tired soul last night suddenly picked the old compass water color box and started painting. (Okay,that is a bit dramatic but it happened.)

Today is my director-friend-mentor-foe's birthday and I thought of experimenting my old but yet to be rejuvenated painting skill on him!  This is what I made! :D

Now this 'Out Of The World' chap is going through Emotional Global Warming.


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