May 13, 2016


Declaimer: My Singapore-roomie told me I've become a Buzz Feed writer.One more for you! :D

Not a movie or some topic from Chemistry to talk about. It is my own story. Story of transformations which I feel is still going on.(Isn't it always 'On' in life?)

I have blogged about my Tom-Boyish self in college days before. I am extremely positive about them but I was not what I was then. I was this strong girl with a lot of self respect but still Girlish during school days. I loved dancing - classical and folk. I loved dressing up. I remember myself imaging myself in mom's beautiful saree in front of the mirror. Next I remember is becoming extremely not-interested in dresses, cosmetics or any other lady like interests. Apart from dancing (Who can leave dancing?!) This was because of my professional interest - I was sure to excel in a male dominating field with self respect, I have to act like Boys!!That is what I felt& I did.I achieved the respect. (That is another story how I fought sexism many a times but found super strong buddies in boys) By this time with no exposure to latest fads and fashion I was well behind other girls of my age. (To my mom's dismay)

When I joined my first job within cosmopolitan crowd outside my home town, slowly it stuck to me that I was not what I was pretending to be. I loved kohl clad eyes. I loved bright popping lip colors. I loved cooking.I loved dances intensively. The teen age which should have appeared in my brains in college days, started getting out on the surface while my other batch mates were already taking matured decisions of life. (There were trade offs both sides) At the age of 23, I actually started having crush on boys around or on the screen! (Can you imagine!?) I was suddenly comfortable with the idea of being girlish but still independent, fierce and trendy. But that was still the idea.Even my tenure in Singapore never grew me in that direction but my next job did a bit. I got married in between,with Mr.ISB and his love for this super confused -lazy to dress-still-a-fashion lover-tomboyish girl.

Now after almost two years of wedding, knocking on the door of 30s I have started knowing myself a little more than ever.

  • I love dressing up when I am in the mood to dress up. I am not the foundation and corrector kind of a girl but yes,I do love flaunting bright lipsticks and big ear rings. My dislike for Gold or Diamond jewelry does not put any hindrance here because hey, we have other stones and beads as well. 
  • I do not like shopping in over crowded places and seeing many things together overwhelms me. I am also picky about my companion while I shop. Mr.ISB is very patient and hence he becomes the first choice after my mommy dearest who is my fashion fiesta. (Yes, because she could not be one she wants me to be one, oh she dreams a lot!) My bro-buddy in Delhi and my friend R from Mumbai(or Ahmedabad) make my shopping experience awesome. Oh how I miss shopping for cosmetics when I did not know anything about fashion at all with them. In short,these four persons in my life can make me shop well. Nobody else can. (Frock buddy N,time to shop together?Time to 'not only talk' about shopping!)
  • You tell me what to wear, if you are not my mommy I would dress up like a beggar in front of you. I work that way. My fashion sense can float across extremely comfortable old clothes to traditional sarees with beads. If I really (A big deal!) put my ideas in practice, they would be very very unique and hence not digested by many. Well, I have stopped caring about it. 
  • I do not agree with most of the suggestions given by slim ladies.Hey, I have a fuller figure and that means what works on them, does not work for me. I do really have to dig into current trends at all to understand the logic. 
  • Colors. I love Black irrespective of seasons and functions. I love Red as well. With age, I have grown to love baby pinks and creams too. But, you give me a cultural excuse to not to wear a specific color (which is usually Black),I'm disliking you for one or two hours. I love Black fiercely. Oh wait, I love Dark Purple and Maroon too!
  • Make up. The only cosmetic product I am comfortable with is Lipstick. With Humidity of Mumbai- Kohl or an eyeliner is difficult to love forever. So to avoid looking like a Panda, I keep on ditching eye make up often. I think,I am doing fine with it in daily life. Of course an ethnic attire or the western dinner dress is not complete without kohl rimmed eyes. I seldom use foundations/corrector/Blush etc.
  • I was never so much aware of my fitness level. The relation between the look and the fitness is no more a secret for me. I consciously try to not to binge or to under eat. I try to workout a bit if not for an hour. Approaching 30s with your exhausted self is not something I want.
  • I was never into Sarees before.I so love the attire. The wedding and the post wedding life changed me forever. I still do not get the chance to wear sarees much,in the way I want to. I still dream of buying ethnic-rich sarees. Girls will be girls!
  • I've been craving for a huge wardrobe make over because this small town girl is weaving the idea of wearing super smart outfits after giving away old stuff. I want to buy classy lipstick shades, over sized tee shirts, super comfy pants, big tote bags and a watch may be? A black flatforms and a cute little pair of sneakers.I think now I have got the shoe-loving-bite. Better late than never.
  • I'm eyeing on trips outside India because I do not want to drill my pocket with ridiculously priced Estee Lauders or Mac.Mango or Guess. While I am not a pro-brand girl,I have come to become cautious about choosing cosmetics and shoes. I do not really buy any of them just because they are super cheap.

If my twenty years old self would read this, her heart would pop out of the body. Seriously.

Oh,I love where I have come to in the journey!

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