May 2, 2016

Z is for Zonkified

I could not believe my eyes when in Online Urban Dictionary I found this word! Check here and hover over words- Funny and New English Actually!

By Definition the meaning is 'Totally Messed Up' and you know now why I'writing about it. Messing up any situation is actually not my way, I do mess up with my own mind but I do not generally mess up with situations. Oh well, they do mess up with me. (If the whole explanation has kept you sane, move ahead!)

I've hundred of things to do which are absolutely mandatory. It would cost me a bomb if I'd miss any of them. That is how I have been feeling Zonkified.

Applying for my visa, oh well the list of documents even for a tourist visa is putting me under stress because I do not have many days and some embassies decided to not to work!

Going to Ahmedabad and make a plan to save myself from 45 degrees there.Coming back to Ahmedabad without any sickness.

Wrapping up office stuff and mentoring my subordinate to do my work for two weeks. If everything goes well, my vacation would shape up. Ah well, Booking tickets for Norway. (Yes, planning for a Norway vacation guys!) *Keeping my fingers crossed~*

That reminds me I have to shop a little before I shop there like crazy in case I go to Denmark :D

I'm not really good at investing money hence when my Dad-In-Law being a CA himself  is managing my portfolio. I should at least sign on all the forms now! The useless Daughter-in-Law is being Daughter-Out-Law now!

I need Visa!!! Mercy, Danish Embassy!

Oh the title should have been 'Zapped'!

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