July 13, 2016


Today in the morning while gulping my super strong tea with ginger in the office cafeteria, I felt like a witch! 

Before you roll your eyeballs , Let me explain.Muggles who are not aware of The World Of Witches and Wizards must know that Apparition is the method of transportation - disappearing from one place to another without using any physical devices such as Flood powder, Brooms or even Portkeys. So I guess I was went through apparition. Unknowingly, I got transported to Singapore! For a few seconds though. (Because,I am not a witch you know!)

It was pleasant. I had walked down to the office from the Railway station in the drizzling rain. I was craving for that my type of tea with a bit of sneezing bothering me. I order one.

Suddenly for a few seconds (or more?) I smelt 'Kaya Toast' and the fabulous 'Kapi' even when I was holding my favorite tea! I tasted a bit of Kaya taste as well. I was transported to Singapore and Cafe 'Toast Box' was serving that delicious 'Kaya' breakfast. I swear, I smelt the Singapore Rains as well.

I never thought,  I would ever miss Singapore in this way. Kaya (Coconut jam made in a traditional Malay way) was always my favourite there, but never got a chance to get one in India.

Singapore, coming to you some day. Specially For Kaya toast!

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