July 20, 2016

What's going on?

Believe me, every single day the 'Compose' section on this blog is kept open. I scribble things here and then but nothing worth posting. So many things are happening around within me but unfortunately I fail to put them into words. I'm not sure if this post would ever get live on the blog, but then it might. I would take that chance.

Monsoon has been light and exactly the kind I love. I do miss the strong tea with ginger first thing in the morning as I just do not get the chance to make tea only for me and my Dad-In-Law as other two tea drinkers do not enjoy the stronger spicier taste as much. Also, it does not make sense to make tea separately for us. Nonetheless, I drink the ready tea made by my Mother-In-Law which itself is a bliss. The open window, my Kindle and the mug of tea - All of them have become my morning companions. Do not think that I miss on my type of the tea. In office, I do this sinful act of having the tea (Made by our cafe chef, exactly as per my demand) twice.

Lately, I have been on emotional roller coasters. Though, I'm happy that I have left those sensitive feelings behind and moved on thanks to the phone call of that friend who knew what is going on inside me, much before I explained. I have also been utterly disturbed about the religious discussion in and around my circle, which broke my heart many times but at the same time made me stronger to be what I want to be - religiously , spiritually.

Office is going hectic. We are loaded with work and the mismanagement of time irks me out. Things are flowing and I have been trying to catch on with every one else in the boat. It has become difficult to ask for a holiday after getting two long periods of leaves but the kind of efforts we have been putting in, has made the need of smaller breaks compulsory to retain our sanity. Some day.

I have been hooked on to the Kindle thanks to my phone who is now dead. I'm back to basics - which means carrying my Nokia 'Brick' phone which I use only to dial and receive calls. It has also made me realized that I have heck of time to do what I want to do- hence reading. I'm happy with the life but of course my work is getting affected due to lack of contacts and other data. I am not saying that I am not happy without a smart phone! :D

How have you been?

What's going on?


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