July 1, 2016

Monsoon Musings

I was contemplating finishing the Copenhagen post today but something in me just gave it a miss! It might look like an excuse to not to hunt for that awesome picture editor to fit in  the vacuum created by Picasa's absence. Anyway, does it really matter when I am feeling like writing?

Mumbai has been welcoming monsoon with open arms and as much as I love rains , I do not really want to jinx it.Today's morning down pour for me, as an Amdavadi, was like a dreamy scene-even when going to the office was more of a mess and chaos than the comfort of getting drenched but who cares! ( Being an Amdavadi,spending my whole childhood in either waiting for rains till eternity or suffering the flood - in two extreme conditions, regular showers are extremely valuable. )

My such office mornings start with a cutting cup of tea specially made by yours truly's recipe by our cafeteria guy. It is more satisfying as now a days I drink super mild tea made by my MIL and not the kadak one made by FIL - Now when I get ready made tea first thing in the morning, it takes a heart break to say No or waste it everyday by refusing to drink. I do think of saying NO but never do it, she tries from the bottom of her heart to combine tastes of every one in the single tea pan so I resort to the office tea. Drinking tea after getting semi-wet in the rains, cutting across a big human wave at the station,sitting under the roof in our open air cafe is more than a bliss! No complaints for the ginger kick straight from the tea-mug as well.

After office hours, while going home there were a few days when I got lucky and walked in the rains but hey, having hot food in the drawing room with rains pouring in like nobody's business outside is also something gorgeous.

Monsoon messes up when you enter with wet shoes, germs , drenched umbrellas and the smell attached to everything deprived of fresh air and sun light. Having a self diagnosed  OCD of some sort, this really cracks me up but I manage to come back to the sane state after a while. (Or after cleaning/ reorganizing the disturbing stuff of course!) But, monsoon also manages to bring smiles to the dried up souls. Monsoon brings Music , Movies, coffee meets, memories back alive in our lives.

More like,

"Chhoti si kahanise , Barisho ke pani se;
Sari Yadein bhar gai.. Na jaane kyon dil bhar gaya..."

How is your Monsoon going on?

PS: The post is really not creatively constructed but oh it just rained, I am going down stairs to work. Ah, in the same open air cafe we have.

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