September 20, 2016

Chai time Chitchat #3

Time is flying. As of now.Thanks to husband's home trip for ten days. I have been sneaking away my time to be with him before he leaves for another one month pilgrimage and so all other things I was doing for past ten days are on 'Hold'.And for a change this schedule-lover-punctual-person is loving it. What if my Kindle is open but I am talking to him- not reading. The painting is yet to start after thinking about how-to start for now zillion times in my mind. My getting up at 6 am, does not make me go for a run- because I finish normal organizing stuff, dive into my tea and end up doing nothing - before Mr.ISB gets up. The only me-time I continue to grab is to be in the open cafeteria we have in the office building - sipping my Chai -reading something for some twenty minutes.

Reading. I have recently bookmarked  this article  which talks about how today's second generation of metro cities in India are lacking independence, decision power, doing-your-own-stuff-on-your-own etc as they live with their parents while doing their same city jobs. While I am guilty of doing the same, I feel this article strikes the chord when it talks about  people at 35, who never went to study out or spent a few years on their own - behave like brats. They hardly can pour water in the glass for themselves, never manage their own meals, yell on mothers for things they have misplaced, don't even now how to manage electricians-plumbers-finances, can not operate any electric equipment at home. They do not fold their blanket on their own, they do not mop the table if they spill food, they feel the house remains clean automatically - because maids. And mind you, this is not about gender. I have seen girls who struggle to switch on a washing machine if their maids or mothers are not there. They enter home and demand for snacks as if the mother was just taking rest for the whole day at home. While I feel living separately before (while doing the job) or after wedding keeps the relationship healthier, I do not approve of parents living alone in ailing condition. I would not like to see them struggling to reach for the box of medicines on daily basis. Though this article points out at parent's privacy which I had never thought about. After living for so many years on their own- suddenly juggling with the mindset of next generation is difficult.More than that - generally people in India after 60 struggle to get sometime for themselves. In India some sets of old couples even don't know that it is okay to go for a two months vacation alone once kids are thirty- they always struggle to decide what actually they want. Life seems to be always a trade off between living with parents- not living with parents theories but I do feel- at least living separately for a couple of years would make youngsters a bit independent and less spoilt.

I have been painting as well for a while. I would rather say- I was trying to paint and doodle. I received this high value Amazon Gift card from one of my bro-buddies on Rakhi through which I purchased all the colors and art tools I ever wanted in my life. I do wanted to do a separate post on this but it seems today is the day to show off this newbie's creativity!The Abstract Ganpati is my first ever acrylic paint and I gifted it to my MIL on her birthday :-)

What are you up to guys?

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