September 6, 2016

Chai Time Chit Chat #2

Last few days have been exhausting. With family members (not the husband) performing religious rituals and fasting, I being the only (after the husband) non-religious person in a way- took the responsibility of helping in domestic chores as much as possible. Talk about being Karma Yogi.

House hold chores are therapeutic in a way but just like anything in extremes is bad- the office work and the household stuff clashing in 24 hours like the war of Kurukshetra exhausted me. Though the feeling of helping my own people (so that they can do what they want to) has a different 'happy feeling. I so wish some relatives can understand the concept of being KarmaYogi as well.

Then came the long weekend and I dare not say it was boring. It had everything a weekend should have in- I ran, spent time with the husband who is now in the flight to his tri-monthly pilgrimage to Scandinavia, went to an outlet - the only outlet in Mumbai which serves cold brewed coffee which I loved with all my heart, I painted ,I slept off, I broke the malfunctioning lock of parents-in-law's room when my Mother-in-law got locked  just when she wanted to leave for a community ritual in the temple. I think it was one of the most satisfactory weekends I have celebrated. Not to forget the fight I had with Mr.ISB-which in itself is a ritual now. *Rolling eyes*

Moreover, I have been on a books' spree, which means I hardly watch anything on Netflix/tv. I have also started painting again (if one okayish and one bad painting counts) which brings peace from within. I also applied Mehendi on four little hands this festive season. After having the cold brewed coffee at The Pantry (Kalaghoda) I tried making the same with normal CCD coffee bean crushed -Quite easy and impressive though I still need to try more of these cold brew versions. Happiness can't be too expensive.

What do you say?!

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