September 15, 2016

Louder in my head, never said that

- Dude, you can not be so late for the office. Now, don't cry if you have to stay till Nine in the office.

- You would never make a mess on table because my friend, you never have to work with papers.

-  I am not going to care about how the cleaner cleaned the office. Unless it bothers me personally.

- No, I do not want to hear how magically he got cured  after he started fasting.

- I would do my share of work- you do not have to offer the help just because you are free. 

- You can't use any cloth to clean the glass table.A spray and a glass cleaning mop, both are must.

- Can we just switch the AC off or should I show my running nose in public?

- Oh wait, now when the PM made you realized how Plastic kills cows you have suddenly stopped using plastic bags?! When we said it is harmful for environment you never bothered! 

-  Boiling already filtered water wont make it germ-free. But,a good practice. 

-  Putting cleaned dustbin five steps away from the statue of God is sin but putting the same on the platform - fifteen centimeters away from the food being cooked on the kitchen platform is okay.Wow.

- You can not cry on slaughter of dogs in China when you enjoy your chicken every day. 

- My husband has no problem with my maiden surname, you should not get bothered too. You are not even an extended family.

- Wait, would you fast for a month with only milk for me?

-With diabetes you would observe Navratra! Last time you had to break the fast in the hospital.

-What is to be proud of the fact that your religion is the most ancient one in the world? Do I look like a cave man?

-Can we get a break from all the spiritual-religious discussion. I wanna break-free.

-I'm bored of whispers. You can say things loudly when I'm not there.

-I told you once, I do not like this product. Go ahead if you want to, anyway.

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