December 9, 2016

Sunshine and all that

I got up really early, after more than a month!
I had piping hot tea just after getting up and had the real 'Chai time chit chat' with my folks.
I felt really really alive with positive vibrations.
Went for a very satisfying morning walk and a south Indian breakfast.
Talked talked and talked making my Uncle and Aunt from US of A.

A lot of Sunshine I was showered with
Almost like a dream after dream!


It just felt little cold last night
Eating oranges but not wearing sweaters
Dry rough lips but no one to force to apply Ghee
Linens on the bed but no heavy blankets to go under
I think I miss my Ahmedabad in the winter a bit more than ever


Sarcasm, I have started liking you
Don't dirty your hands but still kill
Laugh from all your heart
and yet say things aloud

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