May 11, 2017

Milky 'Bar'

I could not trust my ears. The doctor who said my Hemoglobin should be good in the morning, looked worried and told me, I need to take care of myself. (I am scared of only one thing in life, which is Diabetes. My genes, apart from giving me good features and some sharp skills, can be eager to gift me Diabetes too!Luckily I'm fine) I forced myself to smile.

I took the report in my hands and checked parameters for which I was tested for, after a long long period of throbbing shoulder and neck pain with no recovery at all.

-Hemoglobin was three points lower than the supreme number of 14, I usually maintain
-White Blood Cells specifically had touched the lower limit.
-Vitamin D 3 was half than the minimum requirement.

I was shocked. My misconception of 'I am always healthy' had busted. I called my Uncle who is also an orthopedic surgeon, asked me to just change the diet and stop every other work out I was doing except walking. He also suggested to eat 28394 numbers of vegetables and fruits apart from two big mugs of milk every single day. While he sounded calm, his daughter (my cousin) living on opposite side of the globe, messaged me immediately in two hours (In my family, breaking news spread at supersonic speed, you see) with a lot of disappointment in every word she typed. I am not even imagining. She blamed me that I have lost the neck of taking care of myself. She blamed that I am trying too hard to loose weight which is working in a way but is creating a havoc in my system. My family and of course Mr.ISB, needless to say were equally worried.

Now when I am recovering with the help of physiotherapist and the improved diet, I decided to look back to see where I was wrong.

No, I was not careless about my health intentionally. I was just too careful about maintaining (And reducing) my weight. Vegetable intake had reduced to half from what I always use to eat. I had cut the portion for my six-meals-a-day-diet but had also maintain the tendency of killing my hunger if I would be busy. I was practicing Yoga but with such low Vitamin D3 levels, I had just made myself vulnerable to injuries in addition to working on laptop for hours together with incorrect posture. I had clearly ignored the stress I was going through on daily basis and the need to get de-stressed. I had also ignored my disturbed sleep and rapidly decreasing stamina.

I could not digest that the so called careful-dieter can make such mistakes.

So when I digested the results, I also started making small changes in my diet to start with . I started drinking a glass of milk before leaving for office and a glass before going to bed, slightly flavored with Thandai or Gulkand.

... And it is addictive. Specially at night. I know now, why some people can not sleep before indulging into their peg of rum or whisky.

While I get high on my milk and feel 'Talli'.

*I can see some of my old friends blabbering about Bubblegum being the Amul girl always*

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