May 2, 2017

X for Xīn

After hunting from a word starting from X, I cheated on Google and browsed some lovely blogs who were also participating in this Blogathon. Needless to say, I went back to the memories of Singapore where I had made some futile efforts to learn Chinese. As they say, knowledge never fails- This small cute word for 'Heart' or 'Feelings' appeared in my brain from no where. And no better time then this to write about what I love or heart. (There was a trend when every one flaunted t-shirts with I<3 NY and I never could get one. Now, I might not even want to wear such a slogan on my shirt but I still love how we pronouns the slogan - I heart NY) So, lets see at this very point of time, what my heart loves!

-Some good sleep.

-A cup of my type of tea.

-A shoulder & Neck Massage.

-Some peppy music to dance on.

-A ticked off to-do list.

-A stylish pair of ballerina.

- A gorgeous cotton dress.

- A vacation

- A plate full of Panipuri

- A book to read on for hours

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