May 3, 2017

Y for Year (That has been so far)

I thought rather than again hunting for a word starting from Y, I would rather make use of this blog post from Y, to write about how this year treated me (or otherwise) so far. It can also be a timely reminder to make use of my time properly and reach goals I have set for myself.

I have been a bit slow on DIY side this year but still managed to make use of my still developing green thumb.

I have managed to remain active. Regular walks along with the same kept me in shape but health-wise I am not really doing good. Loss of Lordossis was detected in my spine some time back which disappeared after the treatment but only for a couple of weeks. While I have started taking physiotherapy classes and other precautions. fitness should be given more priority this year.

The lucky year for our family as the Sister-In-Law got engaged and we are looking forward to add one more wise person (because crazy quota is over) in the group of siblings!

Work wise, I am clearly shaping up my career further with inhuman work hours being spent in office. We are slowly scaling up hence, it is going to be a painful but hopefully a fruitful year.

We have started our favorite walking dates again and nothing on this earth can be more indulging than chattering every minute while Mr.ISB nods like always.

How this year has been so far for you guys??


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