May 3, 2017

Z for Zapped

It was an alarm for me. This A to Z blogathon and the stress along with failure to write real stuff.

Seriously. When April started, I gave myself a few offs as well in the beginning , so that the initial block would melt,which would result into creamy blog posts. Instead, I faced issues every day- Taking out time to think, to write, read and post, became stress to the extend that I also considered stopping blogging at one point of time- some how I managed to convince myself to write anything stupid than deactivating this don't-know-how-many-years' habit of blogging. In fact some of the posts were too stupid for me to even click that 'Post' button but I posted.

The root cause of this stress and failure is nothing but hectic life I have created by myself. Personal and Professional. While I am not going to put the entire blame on myself, I would say- I could have tried managing the busy life in a better fashion. Sister-in-law's Shagun function and rituals-meetings associated with it, a birthday trip, absence of maids and cooks, heat, my neck injury, frustration of not being able to do anything apart from daily jobs, very very very hectic office hours - I can blame it all on these situations. But when I look back and see, I see those tiny spots of silver linings - memories I made on those events, satisfaction in helping and managing functions, spending time with my family. I took stress to create moments worth being happy about in future.

Then, there is also a different thought process in my mind. Will these situations ever be easier in the future?

I would always be ambitious. I would always want to do everything. I love taking responsibilities because that is what I have been taught to. And life with age would always follow Entropy - which would always increase (Hello, Geeks!)

This realization is sad, but I have to take it with a pinch of salt, learn from it and move on. I have to get better in managing my time, remove negativity and focus on create happy moments every day. Only if I can manage to say No. Or, Delegate work to people around.

So that, I can blog peacefully. To my heart's content.  

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