March 20, 2013

Love, again!

Any person on this earth can not be perfect. Yes, that is the rule of thumb to love. Each of us has some amazing qualities, along with them, we have a bunch of negative or I would put them as not-so-positive traits. Does that mean, we are not meant to be loved? No, we all deserve love and care from each other. That is how the world moves on every moment.

Loving some one, even after knowing him or her (totally!) is not easy. One needs guts, power of forgiveness and adjustment, the power to resolve fights and many more other qualities. These qualities to fight flaws make us Human. That is why human beings have partners for life!

I know one person with some really irritating qualities. Qualities?! Yes, as these qualities make her unique.

  • She is an absolute emotional fool. She gets attached, she gets ditched too. She cries for herself and for others too. No that is not the problem. The problem is she throws her frustration on people whom she loves. Yeah she fights too,horribly. 
  • She is otherwise a happy-go-lucky person. She can divert her mind from things which irritate her, most of the times. Wait, she is, when negative or depressed creates a whole big cloud of negativity around her. She can pull people in it! Pathetic I know.
  • She calls her best friends and cry-scream. Yeah some times they scold,some times they listen to her. Some times they just ignore her. She cries again and then never stand on her attitude and gets back to her original mood in a day. In process she sometimes hurt her own people.
  • She is moody. She thinks a lot. With age she is becoming choosy and cautious about the whole  game of friendship.
Do you think, you will like her? I like her. In fact I love her. Absolutely, with all her flaws. Her flaws make her warm! *

May be that is the unconditional love I possess for her. 

Yeah,she is Bubblegum and 'Love Thyself' is what I believe! ;)

PS: I think I owe this post to 'Shana' who, makes me realize each time we fight out of a fanatic discussion! 
*Copy rights reserved by my best buddy!


  1. Worth many re-reads! Thanks to your friend. At least you can come back to this realization every time you forget. And good that you recorded it for your own reference too :)

  2. This is what makes us humans!

    You have got a very good insight:)

  3. Of course you are adorable. Afterall you are the "Wonder Girl" !

  4. Now there you are!! Life has awarded you with a friend who reminds you of hw awesome you are and can be. Loved this!

  5. Great friends are the ones that withstand the test of time. I will love such a friend and have quite a few.