March 12, 2013

My way and You!

Days are floating in some different way;
Smiles, I have you of course in a day,
This numbness is a feeling, did I tell you?
I am not waiting for anything, I bet you.

Wait, I might wait for my future to unfold.
You said, I said, no plans to draw and told;
When I say the breeze is soothing and warm,
I am sure you also trust them, so you are calm.

I never want this time to fly away,
I consider coming closer on your way;
My smiles and tears are so incomplete without you,
With whom I share my heart, you also do!


  1. The dreaming poet in you has come out. A lofty idea!

    1. I thought nobody is going to even look at it :D

      Sometimes ( One in two three blue moons, I say!)the poet dares to write! :P

  2. Super duper like..!! How did you turn into a poet?

  3. Then I hope you make this mistake everyday :)

  4. My my, wonder really what the poem is about. But gee! pleasant surprise to see you rhyme :)