March 18, 2013

For me please?

If some one asks me, do you believe in God? I say, yes. I believe in all those thousands of Gods and Goddesses in Hindu religion,I believe in Mahavir , I believe in Allah, Jesus , Buddha too. As I believe in the Super power.  A few days ago I wanted to ask for something to this super power but I did not dare. I have started asking what I deserve. There is a reason.

I have a different relation with the super power. I fight, I snatch whatever I want and some times the super power does that to me. So when I tried asking for something a few years ago, he gave but made me suffer after giving or say, gave me after a long fight. I believe it was his way of making me stronger. I am twenty four, I can still fight.

What a two year old baby can do?? She has done it though.

She calls me Masi. She is the one toddler who when calls me 'Masi', triggers my heart. I see myself in her. There are some similarities. She had a tough fight when she was born. A real tough one, I had one too but not this tough. She was brave, she was awesome.

She just turned two. She is sick again. I don't know how is she. I have not seen her in the hospital. She is one of those very few reasons for me to enjoy in Singapore. I don't want even the simple cold to cling on to her.

I wont make things more complex. If you share better relations with God than me, the super power,

PRAY for her. 

For me please?


  1. Your intense sentiments will get her well soon..!!

  2. AchiranshuMarch 19, 2013

    My prayers :)