March 3, 2013

The random beauty!

I always get some beautiful moments by some random happenings in life, in the past I have also blogged about it. After days of some fights with my health, my thinking, my anger, ah my buddies I finally found a state of mind which defines itself as 'A calm state of mind.' Does that call for a post on random blabbering! Well yes. Here I go.

Some times your emotions scream more than your logic, sometimes your  health turns you upside down from your positive state of mind, what would you do? I am not sure but I got some panic attacks of negativity followed by illness. I was wrong but then at that time I was all right. 'Right' is a relative term, true.

Buckets of tears and tubs of pain finally reached a point of saturation. I was blessed enough to get some positivity in the form of some friends, some assignments and a courier from home. Though my buddy called me 'Materialistic' and I answered him, 'Even if I will get only some amount of air in the box from home, I am going to receive positive vibes.'; I feel the day was mine.

I felt a strange calmness from a courier which includes a gift from mom dad apart from surprises in the form of hell lot food. Yeah, my mom feels I am on starvation mode. Books- I got my life for a while. I got some chat masala- yeah I am a food buff when it comes to Indian chat dishes. Did I mentioned some things hidden in different food dabbas by mom? smart and cute! I felt with calmness inside my mind and I thought was it due to 'something from home' mania? No. It was because of the previous day talk with my best buddies? Well may be no.

The day was followed by 'an awesome moment' later on when I got a mail from one of my best buddy! Needless to say the voice also calms me down, the mail brought me back to what I was. Happy.

What was the reason of the random beauty I felt in my heart. The random relaxed state suddenly out of no where?

It was me. It was me who wanted to take the control of my life back to myself. Of course with the help of mentioned angles-God gifts.

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  1. Good that you hear that voice that puts you back on the rails; good that the other part of you helps you to take back the control over your life. You are blessed to have that other part of yourself.

    Good introspection!