March 27, 2013


Reference: The awesome TED talk:

I remember I believed as a kid,
Independence and education will bring happiness,need not bid;
Those books fascinated me, I was assured;
Dad is saying the truth, my dream of machines are so good.

Joys and sorrows which look small now;
Of course they are close to me, no idea how,
My degree, my job and one more try to study hard
I have doubts over my believes,if machines are still on my card.

Money is not the problem, my heart is;
No body told me how I am going to express by machines and means,
I studied, I served, I blogged and I danced
Even the bath room songs did not give me any chance.

Those are hidden expressions trying to bloom inside my soul
Joy, happiness, tears, curiosity everything ready to be poured in the bowl,
Emotions are not good if they are caged inside,
Do you know how I can throw  away creatively, yet imbibe.

No degree no money, no work can teach you to express,
Here I am telling you as it is for me the best,
Keep on singing, dancing, crafting and cry!
That was the kind of 'Spoken Poetry' I tried;
I suddenly smiled!


  1. The sleeping poet in you has woken up and blossomed.

    Keep smiling:))))))))

  2. wow.. you are too good :) Nice start..