November 10, 2013

New new!

New home.

Home is where the heart is. This new place gave me a sudden rush of positive energy. The new flat mate is also chirpy and that makes it more special.

New job

People are good, work is good. I am loaded and job hours are stretched till I faint as soon as I touch my bed but then that is the part which will grow my career. I am all happy.

New friends

I meet so many people every day and make friends. Almost daily one new person I meet. I love making friends and so this phase is adding up many many good friends in my friends-list for sure.

New phase

My wedding is coming closer every day. Do not ask me date, I am not sure but a few months away. Wedding blues hitting high and rituals with relatives making me crazy before they can even enter in my life. I need to take it in a bit different way, with enthusiasm and happiness. Yeah I am the would be bride who is yet not too enthusiastic to shop and get ready in some super cool saloons. Not pink only blue in the mind.

New me

Yeah I am changing slowly. I am being a little more sentimental fool. Something which is being laughed on every day but hey, I will reach that saturation point and go back to the super care free me after wedding okay?

PS: I dont have wifi at home as of now. Thanks to my new roomie I am using her net and feeling as if I came back to myself after ages!


  1. Looks like you are welcoming the new year with everything new ;)

  2. Can I say that just as a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly, you are going to be new you?

    1. This makes me smile! :) *With butterflies in stomach*