November 12, 2013

Love and ramblings!

This is clearly the day when with choked nose I push myself to get up from the couch I was asleep. I had a horribly weird dream and I can not say if it was a nightmare or not. I am getting too many night mares now a days, god knows why. Ginger tea is the way to get ready for the day. I suddenly realize how one of my flatmates used to hate my tea which hypothetically (in reality too) had more ginger than the milk. I like it that way. I put very little sugar free in it and just let the strong smell enter and touch my soul. Yeah, I try to be poetic every now and then. A few people I can see are raising their eyebrows to say if I am in love. I am in Love.

With myself. I am trying to pamper myself to restart healthy life style again. I love the Pune Winter like crazy. A cotton jacket in the morning and a little woolly jacket in the evening do the trick. Instead of my cheeks my nose becomes red in the early morning and night. I am not sure how pink cheeks are trademarks of winter.

I am in love with my bottle of Vicks. No really. Without it I would have got suffocated and might get murdered by the same red nose. I am sure God has blessed me by chocking my nose/leaking my nose only in the morning or in the night. I clearly don't want my office neighbors to smell Vicks all the time.

 I am in love with my office. Which is sadly shifting in a month or two. Temporary crush I suppose. I love my desk, I love the way I have to go to my neighbor as the dustbin resides in between is pulled to his side. I am sure he must be doing small scale business of Kabadi in those few minutes he get free.

I am in love with the calendar. Which in a way makes me guilty by not being able to attend two best friends wedding and above the birthday of my fiancee. Of course there will be ways to compensate for.Not really.

I am in love with my nervousness which tags along in all possible forms like headaches and irritation. I believe I am the only would be bride of the world who is not enthusiastic about the wedding. Before any one thinks, I am pushed into the relationship, I should clarify that I am all in to go for the court marriage and have a gala trip to some amazing places in the world. Well, fantasies prevail.

I am in love with the new silver anklets I purchased from the very first half salary I got. No, not because I love them. I do but the reason is weird. I read some where that silver anklets do help in keeping organs of lower body healthy. I am not sure but validating the same. Unless I decided to spare my colleagues from light music it gives in the every step I take.I am sure there will be a way to take off those tiny ghunghrus my anklets have at the end.

 Last but the most important point of this post is , I am in love with my would be life partner. None of us are fans of mushy conversations, in fact the bond is like the best friends so I am sure the previous statement is too bold to appear in public. Mr. ISB hold on to your breath and move one!! *Wink*, Just in case you read!


  1. I always read

  2. You ARE poetic, not 'now and then' but always!

    2. By producing the music at each foot-fall, the little ghunghurus add an extra charm to the anklets, particularly in case of babies, brides and would-be brides.

    1. For the comment number 1: I am smirking!!!

      Comment number 2: I agree but to embarrassed when some calls me a would be bride! It creates nervousness! Though I smile at the every mention!