November 18, 2013

The cold play

I have been dealing with a weird kind of cold. It strikes in the morning with some ten fifteen minutes sneezing session or it strikes after four in the evening. In between it comes only if it has mood otherwise I am completely fine. It again strikes when I want to sleep and makes me go mad with all other symptoms like nose leaking, nose blockage, soar throat and body ache. If it is cold and hectic in the day time it is garnished by head ache as well.

Yesterday the cold decided to catch me tight. It had started giving hints a day before but I was too busy to grab those hints as yours truly was being pampered by in laws in another city. I realized that the cold is getting serious about me when I was travelling back to Pune. Well the next day, when I entered office people started looking at me with sympathy in  eyes.I felt bad for my in laws who were worried and a friend of mine in fact ask me if things were right.

I settled on my desk and the sound of stopping the leakage off my nose, that is my hard work to not to look shabby with liquid coming out of nostrils in public started. The cotton napkin and my nose had moments of friction for the whole day, to the extent that some people approved occurrence of maroon blush ( guys, it is a kind of make up tool to show pinky cheeks. That is what I know!) on my nose in place of my cheeks. For an hour I was not sure if both my nostrils are breathing or I am a living medical miracle.

To discuss an issue when I went to my manager, he became conscious if he is being harsh on me! He asked me to take rest. I am sure he had self doubts about relationship management with subordinates. He offered two three days off as well.

When I felt temperature of my body increasing, not because of my looks but due to the cold I decided to take the half day off. Coming back home was so much relaxing that I gulped snacks given by the would be mom, drank hot water and went to sleep for a number of hours.

The after evening hours spent in being nostalgic about my cold cough sessions in Singapore and how my room mate used to put efforts to save my lungs/nose from cold attacks. When I slept off, proving the theory of cold medicines induce sleep wrong by sleeping at 2, I did not know cold would play the peek-a-boo again next morning.

Here, I am, without any sneezing-coughing-nose leaking (only with body ache) waiting for the cold session to start by working at home. Come on, cold. Come face to face.Lets fight it off.

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