November 27, 2013

Randomness prevails!

I am sure people who read my blog knows that randomness flows through my blood. If I come up with random points on the blog, either I am too busy in too many things or I am locked in a usual rhythm of life.This time I have a flavor of both. In fact I am going to put any idiotic stupid or even intelligent thought of mine , coming in my mind. in this post. Let me start.

  • Uncertainty about houses to shift is in my destiny since 2009 , right from the day I stepped out of my city to make my career. I changed seven places in Mumbai and inter city transfers were four. In a year I shifted two times in Singapore alone. In Pune, I had two roofs before I shifted to this lovely place. I am seeing two more shifting in next six months. I pity myself. Attachment with places is a different problem but shifting and reloading a place to make it your own is emotionally, monetarily and physically trying. In fact convincing everyone for a single place is challenging if specially you are a girl's gang. About room mates, well I need a separate post. As of now in a month's time, we need to fix a place and I am not able to decide on a roof or roof-mates!
  • Cold. I have developed some allergies from some food or cold or something related to Pune air.Which holds my throat and scratches it some much that without cold medicine I refuse to sleep. Sneezing is less but soar throat or leaking nose exactly dont support. Hope to adjust to this new city even now. 
  • Money. I am such a poor soul managing the cash flow. I am stating this before getting one full salary in my account. Still. I am not able to control my daily expenditure. No, luxury is not what I want. May be expenses have gone high. The biggest problem is to save something for my wedding expenses, as little a few thousands which is impossible in this city after paying hefty money to auto people. Rent and food again need a huge amount of money. Hope I might find a way to earn some extra money by just blogging :D I know readers are laughing. No, I am not going to monetize this blog.
  • People around me. I loving all of them. I never knew I will adjust with them so quickly. Of course I miss my friends and family. I miss Mr.ISB but then hey, that is life is all about. Wait till you get them!
  • I have to solve the biggest problem for a life. How to keep awake when you are on cold medicine or you are messed up with a boring task. The coffee and tea provided by our dear office boy is sweeter than the sugar. When I go home ginger tea is the first thing I make. I am sure I will find a way to get rid of either sleepy mood in the office or the cold medicine. 
  • I am slowly giving up on my reading, dancing and music. Blogging is still on to some extent. I am really sad for this but then I hardly find time to actually get into, if I find I run out of resources. Speakers , songs or books. Nothing can actually attract me now as they used to.
  • Weekends. Since four weekends I am travelling. This weekend I am travelling to Ahmedabad and I wish next two weekends I get to relax. I am torturing myself now by travelling too much. 
  • No post now I can wrap up without talking about my wedding. Plans are being laid out and I am clueless how to involve. Of course when people talk about shopping I have something to say but their over whelming approach scares me to death. I wish I can just elope and appear on the wedding day.

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  1. One feature of transfers and shifting houses is that in each shifting some items go missing. You are not able to trace some essential items even after opening all the packets. The saving grace is that you find these items while packing for the next shifting!

    2. It is easier to make money than to manage it.