March 26, 2014

Weird wedding blues

Declaimer: This post is only for girls from mechanical background who remains tom boyish under all her girlie behavior. Only such girls can understand my blues.

I have spent some essential years of my teen and post teen years with guys. Not a gang of guys, the whole class 89 boys of mechanical engineering.Being the only girl, I would have become super girlie and attention sicker but God had different plans. Unlike what my mom wanted I became the only-male-t-shirts and six- pocket-pants girl of the college. No grooming, no outings made me definitely a stud without any gender bias. The only girlie things I put on every day were a pair of tiny ear rings and the dupatta to cover my face which saved me from the scorching sun of Ahmedabad.

Years later, from all those guys I was in touch with many of them. I am still trying to be that tom boyish girl of the same college but I have become some what 70% more girlish than what I was. Look wise. Behavior wise I some times show 50% increase in girlish side of mine. I hear now-married or soon-to-be-married guys blues.

Now that I understand boys mentality due to my past, I also understand how stupid they are and yet the most practical souls on this earth, who carries no emotional baggage or at least don't show the same. As I am always the girl who hears most of sensible yet non sense stuff her guy friends talk about, I am experiencing weird kind of blues.

I feel bad for Mr.ISB, who is busy enjoying his very last bachelor days as he is getting married to me soon.

Yes, you heard it right. I feel guilty about it. I feel bad about it, just like guys who feel the groom is caged after the wedding. I am really not sure if Mr. ISB feels so or even what should I do to not to make him feel so. Today, I want to tease him for his last days of bachelorhood and then the forever punishment of spending rest of the life with a girl. Oh I want to add, I feel bad when some one tells him that he is the next 'Shahid'!

People laugh at these blues of mine, where I am in to a win win situation from an angle and also a guilty for the same.

Wedding blues are into different shades for me! God bless!

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  1. Bubblegum,

    HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS. Read 3 posts. When is the D- Day? I am sure you will make a SUPER WIFE.

    Take care