October 26, 2015

aPOINTment # 8

Long time, no see? Well, lets talk then. Are you ready with a cup of tea 'Adarakh marke?' Let me be frank, the atmosphere in Mumbai is demanding a chilled Nimbu Pani but the love for tea is compelling me to sit in the air conditioned room. So that after sneezing for the hundredth time, my soul would scream for a cup of tea!

  • I am waiting for the upcoming wedding era. My cousins and all best friends ( ALL except one!) have decided to get married (not with each other!) in December and January. I need to attend each of the functions (all out of Mumbai except one!) by risking my job. Okay, kidding. I have started preparing my team mentally for the wedding vacations I would be taking in coming months! 
  • I have rekindled my love for Saree and  so while I participated in the most gorgous and fulfilling (?) Durga Pujo, I conveniently bought a Kalkatti Saree. Now may Ma Durga gives me the strength to flaunt the most sexy attire in this world. 
  • I have been bugged by the sleepiness bug which usually bites my Husband and Sister-in-law. How much I try, neither I go to bed on time nor I get up early. Ultimately I loose on working out session I love to the core. 
  • I enjoyed Navratri this year unlike the last one. Right from dancing amidst professional players to people who barely could move their feet. It was fun. It was fulfilling. If any activity can propel you inside the flow zone (Yes, I read psychology sometimes!) that activity is your meditation. Dance for me!
  • I have been looking forward to nurture my interest in Henna application and Rangoli. It also means I need to take time out to practice. I am determined to take out that 8th day from the 7 days a week concept we humans follow.
  • I am in love with  Fawad Khan all over again. I am not alone, the craziness is shared by my Sister-in-law too. So much that our chitchatting sessions are now Humsafar-Behadd-Youtubing sessions. Believe me, we are now staying away from Youtube, just to get rid of the madness. I can hear the filmy-me screaming, 'Sambhalo Apne Aap ko'! :/
  • I miss my iphone now a days for some reasons. Either it is the camera or 'the look and finish'. It is an absurd idea to invest in it when I can buy a two wheeler with a super powerful engine in the same amount. Just to hate it for it's iTunes software afterwards. Apple, are you listening? 
  • I am considering buying iPod Nano. Ah, damn iTunes. Okay, I am fine with my MotoG and a Phillips media player.
  • I saw the movie 'Martian' and  unlike 'Gravity' and 'Interstellar' which could not lure me this movie managed to impress me. It revived my love for Science fiction movies! Yey! I must thank Mr.ISB for it.
My chai is about to get over and I need to go back to work. I would be back - same time, same place, next week hopefully! Hope you enjoyed this aPOITment! 



  1. Omg fawad again, really ?

    1. Better than that 'Mere brother ki Dulhan' wala ghonchu. This guy sings too! :D

  2. adrak marke chai.. with such updates.. is awesome..

    This navrathri, I wore saree to office al 9 days... And friends asked you have so many of them I told them I can wear them probably every year, and will not repeat them...

    My love for saree is back, and I plan to wear them atleast once a week.. ok that's too much.. lets say once in fortnight...

    1. I wish I can flaunt saree with so much love! I just pray and wish! I have many many sarees in the wardrobe. Waiting for me. I am on plumpy side and so I am too conscious to flaunt the saree.