October 15, 2015

Gifting Blues

If you are one of those persons who gets nervous on his/her birthdays, you better don't read this post.
I am the one who wears the glitter on my birthday to spread the 'awareness'. You might have problems with my attitude! :D

It was my customary annual act of charity to provide an excel sheet to loved ones (Who loved me and not otherwise!) which would have a list of potential birthday gifts/surprises they can I plan for me. Since last two years, I got wiser (I think) and stopped doing it.  (Wait, On my last birthday my buddy Daya, asked me my choices which I gladly mentioned and helped them. Not including this act anyway) Now, when I am again under influence 'Be young at heart' kind of phrases I thought of doing the same albeit, with a bit of change. I would like to blog about guidelines which can help them (My same old pals) to plan a surprise for me!

You might feel this is a very selfish act, but do not stop me from helping these guys who either goof up or get confused for days to solve this 'Birthday gift - surprise for Bubbegum' issue. Also note, as I am not too shameless to provide the guidelines only on the request, I chose this month to publish the same. Five months to plan, you guyeeees!

  • Do not buy clothes for me,unless it is a scarf. I am picky about colors, styles and fitting. I do not possess figure to die for as well! Why to bother, buddy?
  • Books, mugs, frames, bookmarks and the best - a pair of classy ear-rings (Imitation) would make me happier than those two glamorous but not at all pocket friendly (Pocket breaking in face) diamonds. 
  • A mean meal of  Pani puri , Indian Chinese, Italian/ Maxican/ Chocolaty(?) cuisine would be seized with more enthusiasm than a luxurious candle light dinner. Company of loved ones is more important, provided they let me talk! Last note is not for Mr.ISB, he always lets me talk!
  • Home made dinner, even better. Cooking for loved one is warmer than giving his/her some fresh roses, in my rule book. 
  • No flowers. If they are Gerberas, I would be totally loving it! Something like this. If at all you want to get whacked by me, try to give them to me in Public. Oh by the way, only one person has dared to give me a rose in my whole life. In public. Just to embarrass me to death. Mr.ISB, Do not grin!  By the way, I love plants, so gift me saplings! Some day in life, I would love to have a balcony full of plants in bright colored pots. May be a post retirement activity. Ah, wait ! Having an empty balcony in Mumbai itself would be a gift!
  • Body spa voucher? Do not even think about it. Just for your reference, pre-wedding Spa was the most stressful experience for me and not the whole bridezilla-thing! Well, a hair spa session or better, a pedicure session is more than welcome!
  • Creative and brilliantly made cards, post cards and little notes (mails would do too!) can make me feel high. Real high. I collect all of them and they are my best buddies when I am dull, Believe me. I have in fact asked a friend or two to write long mails to me on my birthdays, as birthday gifts! :D
  • Give me a chance to throw a home party. Let me be the host. We would play Antakshari and chit chat. I would cook everything from scratch, and no,you need not enter the kitchen to help me out. I love cooking for my own people experimenting on others and the first rule is to leave me alone while I cook.
  • Do not buy me gadgets, unless you are 110.999% sure about the one I want. Chances are, I won't be. 
  • An Ice-cream cake from Singapore (the one which she gets) would be a dream, but a chocolate cake from here or here would do the same magic on me. Do not waste it by applying it on my face.  A big dairy milk silk with roasted almonds wont do any harm as well!
I guess for the next birthday I have dropped enough hints. I am sure this blog post would guide the seeker to the reach the ultimate (my) happiness!

PS: A kick on the butt for those who still feels I am a confused personality! 

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