October 9, 2015


Some days are happy and some days are sad. Some days can be super happy and some days would be horribly sad. I got a week (and more) of fusion of such diverse feelings.

Let me explain. Since a week, I have been into this state.

For an hour I would be low and for an hour I would be feeling positive or even dwell on cloud nine. I feel calm for some hours and something tragic (Okay, exaggeration) happens which would make me feel horrified. This phenomenon is not going anywhere or even not ending anyway. ( No, my hormones are in harmony and I am not pregnant either!)

Work is going hectic in crazy ways. Beyond my wildest imagination. Pricing to production, printing to logistics. Every other thing goes haywire one moment and the other moment we invent an idea to step up a bit. The whole team, professionally if not personally is going through the same wave whirlpool. 

Personal life. It was never so happening. Birthdays in the family, goof-ups in gift planning. Roaming around in the morning, before going to the office to dig out precious gifts for loved ones. Nights goes in staring shut shops in the hope of developing a bright surprising gift idea in this fertile mind (For me at least) I posses, while I take the road to reach home from the railway station. Some time I get irritated and throw the irritation on any one I meet and sometimes I just want to freeze the time. 

It is the hoch-poch in the mind and some times in the dinner plate. 

Life is such and so it is 'Life' , fused in Con-fusion. 


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  1. great blog.. loved it.. and adding it to my list...