October 31, 2015

'One of the li'l rebels' -The ex-roomie (guest) blogs!

The mail I received  popped up some days back which reminded me of one of those random promises I had taken from people. (Yeah, a couple of my people had to promise me that they would write guest posts on my blog) And here she was with a guest post written about me!! Well, in return she took my word of not disclosing her name ,so I must hint you that from time to time she appears on my blog since last few years! Oh by the way, her posts are like an act of meditation. You need to focus. *Duck* *I can see her kicking my butt* *Ignore random mention of random things every where!*


Tedha hai par mera hai. - That's my motto with a face like hers. After all, she's put up with with my kind so far. The following might sound like a National Geographic narration on a Dama Gazelle. Please read as though Professor Snape was reading it to you.

The kind of text a person presents to the world is a really good indication of the real deal. A first encounter with her blog brings me to a haphazard train of thoughts. This was three very eventful years ago when I was a different person altogether. Her writings caught my curiosity only after a few Facebook conversations before which, I thought this was 'yet another My Diary' kinda blog. She pours them out on her keyboard, I notice, just as one would pour piping hot tea in a ceramic cup and invariably spilling that tad bit on the counter for posterity and well, the lack of a sound mind body coordination. I truly believe, that slight spillage in thoughts is most beautiful. It is real. It is inclusive. It is expensive.

Tea also happens to be one of the most used word on her blog. A 'Verbal Tea' instead of a herbal tea for her this time I guess. Digress.

Our meeting happened, to put it in an uncomfortable way, in presence of my parents. I agreed to them dropping me/picking me up to/from the meeting point just to brush off their worries that their very gullible daughter wasn't living in a foreign nation with 
  1. A guy, given that name 
  2. A freakishly odd person, given my nature
What followed was a fantastic year and I would roughly say a good half of another. 'A lot can happen over a cup of coffee', they say at Cafe Coffee Day. That bubbly chatter which was just text on a blog had finally got a face during that meeting when she was running between cities of West India and the most courageous thing is, there is very little difference between the online and offline versions of this person. Immediate conclusion: she's a communicator. Doesn't come naturally to most of us. In some situations it doesn't to her either, but she tries and succeeds. She has opinions and she voices them without undermining that of others.

A set of healthy arguments about various things in life, general experience sharing, countless midnight chocolate based walk and a lot of accommodation, books, examination related emotional moments later, here I have a wannabe-bully in my room who really wants to gang up against me with the fellow housemates but all that can come out is her Houdini-sneezing. That's nothing different that what anybody else knows about her. The fears, insecurities, anger, the face-palms and all those attributes that make a beautiful, real emoting human being are there somewhere underneath those bling-bling eyes and a head full rapid thoughts. (I know, super poetic n all). This one kept on blabbering on the phone in Gujarati, Hindi, English and all other made up languages at the ground floor of the hostel while I used to sit on the 4th and 9th floor (9th floor!) thinking it'd really solve half of the world peace problems if she stopped pacing here and there so much. Pretty much everyone I knew in the hostel knew that voice and more importantly, that laughter. She comes back once and late into the night asks me with a poker face if I thought she had a boyfriend just because she talked on the phone so much. Then after a blink she generally goes and becomes this basis of me finding a family in Singapore, the strange land. Sigh, girls. Can't do anything with them and can't do anything without.

Part of this creature's 'upbringing' so to speak, seems to have happened in the company of her friends and around people who are not her immediate family (only by biological definitions albeit not social). Generally has a calm disposition when it comes to actual executions even though she may be panicking until nearly seconds earlier during a decision phase.  Among other things music is a big part of both our lives. If I think about some very specific moments we probably belong to the 'Kantaas Gharana'. Her passion for literature is a lit lamp against the wind but unfortunately her passion for dance is something would remain a grey tick as per Whats-app standards. As I now continue to be around and included, I see her trying to bring a balance between her yen and her zen (yes, her yen and her zen). While doing that I am continuously hoping she has a source to replenish from and smile with. This piece of writing intends to be one too. Maybe years later.

*Kellogs pose* for life.

- Chai walli

PS: If you thought the title didn't go with the text, gotta put it in context.

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