October 2, 2015

Money matters (And the wallet too!)

So last night when my sister-in-law came back from a get together, she was really in a good mood and yet sleepy. It was kind of a high moment for her to type (with sanity) and so by mistake she floated a message to a wrong window in her WhatsApp. A window where my Spiti Group does all the blabbering.

(The truth is she had opened the chat window and asked me to type in her Nexus 5, which was a tough task for me as I am a woman of habit and I was really bad at using a diffrent keypad of Nexus 5.)


Sister-in-Law: C0Ol wjll take The vwallet on Monday.

(We both slept off, saying smart people in the group would understand that it was a mistake!)


Just when I was getting ready for the office Mr.ISB called me, asking was my sister-in-law sane while typing gibberish on the group. I informed it was a mistake. He started laughing and asked me to check the latest reply on it by my very own bro-buddy. I opened the mobile hastily before leaving home..

Bro Buddy 1: (After reading sister-in-law's message) It's an app? Rite? 

*I could not control and thought of stretching this. I meant techie guys behave like fanatics sometimes but on a random message?*

Bubblegum: No re, it is a startup. The whole line is a title (of the start up!)

*Now, some members of this group are startup fanatics and bro-buddies are leaders!* *Here comes the number two.*

Bro buddy 2: ???

Bubblegum: Google (it)

Brobuddy 1: But they have an app.. It's abt personal finance if I remember correctly! 

Brobuddy 2: Vwallet? I read it but not much information Also no reviews to judge. Can you explain a bit more?

(Now who asked him to download the so called app was out of my mind! Out of any one why would we promote it?)

Bubblegum : *Remembering  his weak point* Do you want a job there? Arey cant type much, would tell you in face!

By this time Mr.ISB was laughing out loud on Whatsapp (Dont' ask how)

Brobuddy 2: :D :D

Bubblegum: Google to ata hai na tum ko.

Bubblegum: Taunt mat mar, Mile tab batana.

And then the whole game plan got destroyed as my sister-in-law's message popped up (No, I would not really forgive you for spoiling the fun!) ..

Sister-in-law: Yaar kya bakwas chal raha hai. That message was wrongly sent to you guys. I forgot my wallet and was going to collect on Monday. That's all. 

* I was furious but still laughing out loud, with other members of the group who were silent till now.*

Just then my sister-in-law asked the million dollar question to my bro-buddies. (Who were dying to know the truth of vwallet just two minutes back.)

Sister-in-law: How the hell did that statmenet make you think that I was talking about some app!

Well, I also want to know the same sistah! May be the Spitian hangover has taken a toll on them. 

Poor Startup conscious crackpot guys. 


PS: Friend K knew I would blog about this. Well, of course I would. Bro-buddies were saved by my sister-in-law otherwise the damage to their image would have been devastating. 

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