January 3, 2016

Resolutions 2016

And then there was that moment while walking to the office, I decided to stop being too stubborn and take up a New Year resolution and try to adhere to it seriously.

I realized after reading some really good stuff that a human being needs a push. A push to enjoy and so we have festivals. A push to play music so we can emote. A push to have a fat Indian wedding so we can meet relatives (and end up creating more weddings thanks to aunties who love match making!). We need something to motivate us. A New Year can be that 'Push'. So the old Bubblegum who felt that a resolution-tamasha is nothing but a hype (and the same Bubblegum secretly confesses she loves such Tamashas!) got converted and decided to declare  'New Year Resolutions'!

1. Fitness: I am quite plump, that is not a problem. Aesthetics are important but what is more important is I am too uncomfortable in my plump skin. Last year till August I had put on weight and had conveniently forgotten about my (last) new year wish to be slimmer after wedding. Then suddenly when I took up my new exciting job in Mumbai, I started forming habits which helped me to be fitter than what I was. I do end up eating junk often even now  but walking to and from office helps me. I struggle to do more work out and be active - climb stair cases or walk faster, but then hey, this is still not where I want to be. The 2016 should be the fittest year of my life. In a sustainable way. Yes.

2. Career: I would be recognized through my work and so this is important to me. I want to give my two hundred percents to my new job - taking up few more. There is no two way about it. The journey which I started in 2015 would not be easy in 2016, but I love challenges!

3.Vacations:I love vacations. I love mountains. I love adventurous trips. I love struggles and fatigue one experiences after and during the trip. I absolutely hate it when some one demotivates people to do bag-packs due to the struggle one makes during the trip. Isn't it a part of the joy associated? So I want to enjoy minimum two vacations this year. One big and one small. No, Ahmedabad visits do not count! Hopefully I would fulfill my dream of witnessing white Christmas next year some where on the other side of the glob!

I do not want to make these resolutions a baggage but a motivation as I told you. Three generic ones should not hamper my state of mind, I think!

What do you think?

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