January 22, 2016

aPOINTment # 10

  • I am horribly upset with myself for loosing many Jet Privilege points due to my unawareness regarding so many offers they have. My dad when I purchased my Singapore flight tickets, had forced me to get the membership of the JET scheme. I was never interested but when I heard stories about people using lounging , weight allowances during flights, point redeems, discounts on partner retails - I got interested. My reviews on 'Trip Advisor' can earn me miles! Wow! *Bubblegum must use all the offers and travel some mores! Jet era!*
  • Mr.ISB in Denmark, on a business trip. Enjoying snow and Copenhagen. Phew. I so want him to see everything so next time I can tag along. I have been dreaming of the Denmark-Norway-Sweden road trip now. *Don't you guys know about my wish to enjoy white Christmas!?*
  • I have become too silent for myself since morning. No, I am not grumpy or upset. My throat is being grilled by some invisible force which keeps my voice inside and my struggle to speak fails almost all the time. I had a meeting lined up in the morning which did not go too well because of my inability to speak. My mentors/directors kept on laughing virtually. 
  • This Chai-Time blogging break is generally superb. I get to do multi tasking (?) Talking to colleagues, ragging a younger colleague for fun, laughing out my lungs (Not today!) out and blogging. Everything together.
  • I am looking forward to the big fat wedding I am to attend. Fun it would be. I am equally nervous. My super enthusiastic cousin ( The wedding loving type) is very difficult to manage if decoration or costumers, needless to say make up do not go as per her instructions. All is well, Bubblegum!
  • Mumbai is experiencing winter like never before. It does feel like Ahmedabad now a days. The wind and the shiver both make me nostalgic- How I loved hiding into warm blankets, wearing smart jackets, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying sun shine if blessed. Shivering may be brings me back to the definition of resonance. The frequency of me shivering may be matches my heart beats and I feel nothing but warmth. *Geeks I tell you!*
  • I am falling in love with Sarees. This should not get jinxed. I was waiting to gain this expertise of wrapping it in the stylish way all my life. I am closer but well not an expert. Hopefully soon.

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