January 18, 2016


It was like reliving my Singapore days in Banglore. From the very moment I saw the bunch of guys grinning and welcoming me in Singapore. It was as if we are meeting daily, we did not feel weird at all. We were meeting after ages - some were meeting after more than two years! But things were same. Fun basically. All thanks to my flat mate from Singapore hostel. She decided (and her now husband too) to get hitched!(Thanks to another flatmate and my roomie who managed your truly at her place and made tea for her twice) So one more tick on my attending-close-weddings list.

We three girls (yeah others were the part of another group of mine and after I left Singapore,all came closer to each other as a group, thanks to outings - picnics-chit chats planned by me :D - or may be their plan to give me a surprise birthday party in Singapore, because I loved/love all of them a little too much to not spend the whole day with any of them, hence they planned it for me together!) were a gang. A gang of gigs. So, when she decided to get married, I was sure of being the part of it at any cost. Finally the day arrived and that is how I was Banglore'd. (No, I am not sad that they could not attend my wedding. No madam!)

Fun, photos, chit chat, tears , wine, plum cake, flowers, decorations, dancing, some more chitchatting. Everything happened there. Singapore happened there. 

I do not have enough words to describe the fun we had created. 

Now, time for some snippets!

  • I saw a sparrow inside the super giant terminal of Banglore Airport. I was like :O
  • Go air is the most pathetic low budget airlines while Indigo gets 9/10 score. Just that I am too picky to give 10/10.
  • I hate Banglore traffic as much as I love those green lush trees every where there.
  • For me, the climate was cold and I had conveniently forgotten my jacket in Mumbai. I had fun with wine, tea and the heater my roomie switched on for me then! :) 
  • My Singapore roomie has turned into a beautiful girlie individual who flaunted a fancy floor length gown with her lovely curls all over her shoulder. I laughed on her change while I secretly loved her new Avtar! :) :)
  • Our friend, the bride looked like a barbie doll. Not a slightest amount of exaggeration in it. I have not attended such a cute wedding ever in life! EVER.
  • Meeting the bride and her family made me realized how artistically challenged I am. Though normal people  do not think so. I never observed artistic people saying good things about my creativity! :D
  • Seeing the bride and the groom dancing - was one of the best moment I have witnessed so far in all the weddings I have attended. The second best moment was when I had blatantly refused to do Varmala till Mr.ISB's friends let him bow down to me in my own wedding :D (No, I am not that rude. I had bowed down in return too!)
  • Ms. Bride, if you are reading this you better mail me all the songs which were played during the dancing part of the wedding. Those cute Konkani /Manglorean / Goan songs!
  • Am I the only person who wanted another piece of the plum cake given during the wedding? I loved it!
  • So now when two out of three girls are in the single city, am I feeling jealous being in another city? Hell, yes.
I think, Some girls should get Mumbai'ed now! 

PS: A very scattered post but I was too overwhelmed to register my experiences and weave a story out of it! 

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