January 8, 2016

God Speed and the breaker

It is not exactly a blogger's block! (Because, I am not a writer.) Life is going just too fast to stop myself and think about the crux of anything happening. Highs and lows, every thing moves faster now a days. Talk about the God Speed.

This morning, I realized I am living on this roller coaster ride since long and if (Call me a nerd) I would not break these moments into millions of moments while focusing on any one of those broken moments -I would not be able to feel the life (and blog about it). Yeah it does sound like maths and physics where you break the substance or time into millions of particle.

I am busy in attending those weddings and some other social functions. I am flaunting sarees and ornaments. I am busy in working my ass off for the product I am developing and which has started showing its fruits (It is really fascinating!) I am busy in struggling with myself to get up early and do some work out - which I am still doing. I am busy in watching movies and interesting books. I am busy in planning for social get together. I am busy in shopping for every events I mentioned above.

Such things are overwhelming sometimes. For me. I need to pause.

I need to pause. Feel. Think, Plan. I want to be more organized. I want to sleep for eight hours together and get up fresh. I want to walk and jog and dance. I want to get rid of that stiff body which is a result of too busy a life. Or that is what I believe in. I want to work harder but without affecting my health. I want to enjoy all social functions but do not want to induce stress due to any of them. I want to add one or two days in my life- to break the busy schedule.

Yeah, I need a speed breaker.

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