April 29, 2016

Y for Yearnings

My blog is full of them as I am a person with extreme sentiments. Either I have yearnings and cravings or I would be turned off to the extend of totally feeling number about things. I tried to change myself and I still do but at the end of the day I'm at peace when I am full of expressions as well as emotions which again is a result of those yearnings and dislikes close to detachments.

Nonetheless when it came to 'Y', I could think of this word only after rejecting 'Y for Yogurt' (Strawberry specifically) and 'Y for Yesterday' because of the boring explanations I had about them. Anyway, talking about Yearnings!

  • I want a day off. Surprisingly in the office and not from the office even when reaching office is more like hiking due to the scorching heat in Mumbai.I love my work and have a lot many assignments to finish off but there are ideas floating on which I need to focus without any disturbance. May be my office cafeteria would like to welcome an early morning visitor. 
  • I want a day off from the domestic stuff. Mainly because I am exhausted and not because I do not enjoy the work. Domestic stuff actually clears my mind off. Chatting with others while working or just getting things sorted out brings joy to me but then it is my body which gives up. I really do not know how people manage to take time off for their own health by working out, by sleeping eight full hours or postponing the cleaning session of those dirty kitchens. I respect them A LOT. People like me can not stand an elderly person working in front of me or a dirty kitchen unattended,a table suffering under a dusty coat- hence we suffer. 
  • I yearn for a few hours alone in my room which I conveniently get since two three days after dinner. If I do not come to my room and lye down reading a book- my body does not support me. My mind gets messier by next morning with only six hours of sleep which is really not enough for me. 
  • I wish to dance every single day and I have been failing to do it. Dance is like meditation for me and I can observe myself loosing the ability to start doing it, forget about having the stamina to do it. Though this is a conscious decision taken due to the No Maid-No Cook situation at home.  I wish they come back or I kind of sort out the situation by being super independent super woman. 
  • I yearn to have salads,fruits, sprouts and smoothies all the time. Very bad that I ever really have them.I'm already horrible in taking meals on time. Now my diet is full of carbs and over cooked Sabjis. I do try to get a fruit dish every single day in the office but my veggie intake is close to half than what I should ideally be taking.
  • Planning for a vacation in June and this time I want to really do a solo day trip to someplace in between the vacation. A day trip because in future I am totally planning to spend my time in Singapore as a tourist. Alone. For four-five days, nothing less. Of course I want Mr.ISB to join in for a few days afterwords! 
  • Sarees. One cotton, One Silk.I so wish to buy. I do not have any functions to wear but I want to buy. This sort of yearnings are better not entertained. Please koi shadi kar lo!
  • An off shoulder dress I really wish to have because I can not flaunt my flabby arms or fatty legs :D I have awesome shoulders. 
If you are still reading these yearnings of mine which anyway appear on this blog every now and then, in different forms or shapes -Hats off to you!


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