August 30, 2016

Wife or the Worshiper

My husband is a man of few words. (While my talkativeness has got the highest rank on conducting absolute measurements) His over enthusiastic responses include a hearty laugh and a nice response includes 'Hmmm',but it hardly demotivates me because at the end of the day my skill as a brilliant speaker gets an audience only in him. (My brother has retired from this service since ages now!) I am Anyway, this mute mode of his highness is generally tolerated by me, in fact being the religious one, I almost worship him as God. (In old ages Meera bai found her special someone in God, in the Kali yug we find God in our special someone while singing 'Tujhme rab dikhta hai!) I believe him to be The God Vishnu,I kid you not. Being an engineer,I had decided to be very specific in worshiping a definite God rather than the supreme power in him and so when I studied observations taken, I could derive the name of the God- hands down Vishnu.

He puts on a mysterious smile like Krishna once in a while - Specially when I shiver with the thought of getting buried under tones of sand inside a well in my dreams while he would be busy sprinkling talcum powder on my face at 2 am (Reason I dreamt of getting sucked by sand). He can segregate rights and wrongs like Ram,though communicating it without framing words (Socially shocking to relatives, in simple language -if he decides to open his mouth) He can get  as furious as Parshuram when angry. He has saved his world (me) from sinking in an ocean (Read: Swimming pool) like Matsya and Varah. He has a habit of going underground (Patal Lok) ditching all the communication devices like Vaman. He flaunts his 'Bong' tooth like a boss, very similar to that of Narsimha. (I made this up, okay?) He is as thick skinned as Kurma when it comes to tolerating intolerable substances of life on his back while calming me down and thus saving his world. Apart from showing signs of him being all the nine Avtars of Vishnu, this Husband of mine can sleep in the same position as God Vishnu for hours together and I doubt if we do not disturb,hours can turn into ages as well. Did I tell you I am trying to find indirectly if he likes horse riding like Kalki. Being Kalki's wife would not a bad thing, isn't it.

I am in search of an ancient book mentioning Kalki's wife. I am not sure about all the duties of the wife of Kalki, though I should be really responsible for the sword he would be using (as shown in pictures) as this husband of mine keeps on misplacing his things every where on this earth.

I don't want to be blamed for his inability to save this earth, just because my husband forgot his sword in the office and I did not remind him to get it back. Tch tch.... 

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