December 13, 2016

Happy Hours

Happy high in fact. The most talked about (by me to myself!) trip of Mr.ISB's (Read: All mine!) Kaka and Kaki happened last week. Their arrival at home, made me reach this feeling of 'Happy High' after so so many months,. That too when everything else on the work front was/is not going good.

Our go to drink was tea. To be precise,the super spiced up tea I have ever enjoyed at home. So for a change, me and Dad-in-Law had a company and hence 'Jahan Char yar mile waha party ho jaye' and 'Chai time Chitchat' happened so many times. Our 'No Tea' drinker Mr.ISB and 'Mild tea' drinker SIL - MIL were left alone to enjoy their taste without any debate while brewing tea for the first time!

Then were the long walks. Early morning ones and evening ones. I've mentioned many times on the blog that walks give the best platform to bond with some one,for me. The Bond made up of discussions about Trump, architecture, travelling, ever increasing religious fanaticism, Old Mumbai Charm and what not. Walks in Matunga any way need to have 'Filter coffee' as an integral part of the plan and we did not miss 'Coffee with Khandan' too! Our impromptu visits to south Indian cafes while shopping-talking were much more fun than I could imagine. The family dinners in South Mumbai and at home, became cherries (?) on the cake.

Talk about wisdom I gained last week. I could freely talk about my inhibitions and fears. I could easily open up about constraints I am not comfortable with, to some extend. In return, I got insights, which I would like to pen down some where for the times I would be struggling with myself. So much of composure and so much of warmth and so much brilliance- can be found rarely in any one.

I never had my own Kaka and Kaki (My father does not have a brother or even a cousin for that matter,amidst the 'Fauj' of 'Buas'!) but not even in my mind I would have such a brilliant and warm pair of Kaka Kaki, which I now I have!!

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