December 25, 2016

The Sunday #5

Now when I'm back with the Sunday post, lets assume this month would be really rich in experiences just like how this year was.

Friday night which was suppose to end with a big fight between two worriers (yours truly and the husband) of the family, ended up on a good note as Saturday was Mr.ISB's birthday and I launched my surprise before fifteen minutes to suppress the 'Maun Vrat' coming in. Not being cheesy,but this potter head's happiness on seeing 'Hogwarts Acceptance Letter' (DIYed by yours truly) made the irritation in me vanished in no time.

(My husband becomes a twelve years old kid on seeing anything linked to Harry Potter even now. I had picked his 'Wish' of getting a personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter a month back!)

I had taken an off on Saturday hence after ages we could relax. We both agreed to rest for the whole day with my mobile phone constantly ringing as Mr.ISB had conveniently changed his number one more time and people could not connect to him!

A movie, a dinner and some shopping made the day really sweet.

Sunday was a cleaning day in a way. We de-fragmented our room. We dry cleaned every fabric in use. I did the re-decor and started with my budding window garden. Some after noon siesta, tea,a plum cake, Veg spaghetti and some smiles! :)

That is how my Sunday was. Scattered thoughts in the post but may be this can revive this blog.

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