December 21, 2016

Chai Time Chitchat #6

So many things have happened and are happening that, weaving them in one single story line would be a sin. We need to talk about it. 

  • Chai time is not same as last week. I miss adarakh wali chai and chatting. The loneliness even when I am always surrounded by people is weird. Something I have been suffering from since last four five days. Hopefully, they would improve.
  • Work front is very very Hectic. We do got a breather yesterday which made us realize how tired we are. Suddenly the neck spasm and back spasm became intolerable. Migraine of course don't like them hogging lime light. I am not blaming myself- every one in the team is feeling fatigue. Work continues. May be it is the best way to stay sane.
  • I am dying for my friends to come to Mumbai. May be I've passed the age where I can make best friends and hence I seriously want Frock buddy N at least to magically land here as soon as possible. 
  • I need a solo trip- a bag pack one that too. Or may be with friends. 
  • I'm seriously thinking of deleting my blog for some reasons. Unknown ones. I like being alone now and ranting online wont do any good. 
  • I do miss going to 
May be life would be better spent over wines, Yoga, DIYs and beautiful clothes. Looks like I'm into nothing! 


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