December 31, 2016

Resolutions 2017

Last year I had successfully converted two plus one (which I did not put on the blog for some reasons- DIYs, it appeared in my tiny brain in April)  out of four resolutions into 'some' results. I can say drawing timelines and plans to my goals pour some wonder potion of discipline in the hectic schedule I have. Blogging about them keeps my Buri Niyat of forgetting them in check.

So,here is to every one who still believes in planning the day, months and the year. Who believes in resolutions but with a practical mind set. Who believes in putting all of them on a piece of paper or in the excel sheet and track them with enough flexibility to adjust to the vulnerabilities in life. (Ooof.. How convenient I sound)

Patience/Anger Management
When I say I am not the one who has a lot of patience, it is an understatement. I may have patience while working on any kind of an issue on the office-front but in my personal life I'm far from it. In 2016 there were some instances where I just ignored on going things on which I wanted to react and not respond- it worked that time but later on the anger erupted and it went all worst from bad-in my mind. That is not being patient- and it drills down to my poor anger management. I was not really impatient like this when I was growing up. I have picked this not-do-good trait some where in 2010-2011. Needless to say, it creates a lot of disturbance unnecessarily.

The strategy is to really keep my mind (And mouth) in hibernation mode when I want to react. To think about the situation when I would have gone mad on the situation or the person and ended up with a disastrous outcome, rather than harping on my sentiments on temporary basis. 'Volcano eruptions' should not occur at all. This would be the tough nut to crack.

I'd lost some weight and inches last to last year but the 2016 was not a very progressive year for my fitness. I managed to start running and yoga but frequency of  my migraine and allergic bouts increased and also, my calendar got really tight. I do not believe in finding excuses because if I want to do something -'I manage to get it any way' as my parents say,so this year I have to be really disciplined.

I do not want to make random resolutions but I've not figured out in Mumbai if gym is the best option or running would do just fine with the ever increasing level of pollution in the morning. I shall add a measurable goal in this post once I find that right work out for me.

Apart from work out, I need to stop eating junk. Last four months I have been eating a lot of fast food or snacks which I never used to touch. Partly it is because lack of time to plan out healthy snack options which are home cooked too-specially during office time. Partly it is my own mind which needs a temporary high through the binge. I would eventually eat healthy home-cooked food if I can control my mind. 

In this era of distraction,multi tasking is no more a boon. The monkey mind ends up focusing on nothing than those 117 tasks pending with 25 tabs open in your laptop browser. Not to forget the chat going on in a few Whastapp group. Ah..Mess. This is an involvement issue and it has also crept in our personal lives as well. 

When you are with your friends for coffee, it is okay to not to look at the mobile phones. When you are reading a blog, it is okay if you close your gmail or even work mail. When you are working on an excel sheet, just shut that damn chrome. When you are taking dinner with your family, how many of us can actually be there 100%? Aren't we always into something X while doing Y? 

I believe our personal relationships affect a lot because of this. In the era of FaceBook and Whastapp, we forget that long mails or letters have much more warm attached to them than those tiny tid bids.Spending time with your family (which includes both sets of parents, relatives you like and friend you pick!) can really strengthen the bond and makes life less stressful if not warm. 

So the 2017 should come with better involvement in whatever I do. As small as folding sheets to ironing clothes to spending time with loved ones to training subordinates. Involvement with single mind. No multitasking unless I'm finishing daily chores. (My mom does it the best!) 

What do you guys think about resolutions? I do believe that measurable ones are better to track but behavioral goals are something which I need to work on at this point of time. Presuming it would make my 'to do' side of the life easier too.

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