April 28, 2017

W for Window of Opportunity

I left home town way back in 2009 and from that year what I missed the most- well, not my family (Where would they go escaping from the harassment they have produced!) but our garden.

My dad has a green thumb and has developed a lush green garden in the barren compound of my old home. And let me tell you, hardly any plants would flourish in that land but with many experiments he learnt that we could manage growing Neem, Tulsi, Bougainvillea, Champa (Don't know the English Name), Juhi and Papaya. Mogras were short lived but being the loveliest of all, we kept on re-growing them. One of the most special memories of Ahmedabad Summers was watering the entire garden and plants in the compound with a huge hose pipe and also watering each other. Exactly where me and my brother would start having problems with each other...err and the water hose which we managed to break every year. When I left home for the job, in six months my family also shifted to a better home- say, huge, comfortable and what not. But, I did not like it in the first place because it was a flat, hence no garden. (I love my home now and it is one of the best I have ever lived in!) I was mistaken at that time because my father whipped out a fresh bright balcony garden (without even a touch of classiness but only with plants) in no time. So, coming back home for holidays was the most greenest time of my life again like my childhood days.

I craved for a few plants while I was single and was working/studying in other cities. Only Nashik and Singapore were friendly enough to have a few of plants in my room or even see greenery around me. Rest of those 12 places I have been relocated to, made me just yawn at their dull atmosphere.

When in 2015,we moved back to Mumbai, where my in-laws stayed (now we do too!) I kind of conceptualized a small green space in my mind. It took efforts and time to figure out where I can get that place and how I would manage to keep plants alive. (I haven't really developed a green thumb but some day!) Our own bedroom which was in the flat next to where my in-laws live (we are planning to join them by breaking the common wall some day :D ) had one very weird problem. The flat was bought just before our wedding and was never utilized by the previous owner. Hence, it magically managed to attract dirt and dust within four hours of the cleaning session. It took almost a year for that old ancient dusty atmosphere to go and then room turned into a warm space to live, with two human beings (one interested and one not-so-interested in decor) and their craziness. Now, only some more life was left to make it fresher and I took the plunge to start developing a garden window sill in the room, this year.

I started with two cute yellow pots and pink cute flower plants gifted by a friend. It gave me confidence and I got a Tulsi plant which flourished like nobody's business. I used old pots kept in the antique to grow more Tulsis using the seeds of the previous plant - and oh boy, it almost made a jungle inside the pot. Then, it was the turn of trying out Mogara. I will let pictures speak, how they turned out to be.

On my birthday. Mr.ISB gifted some classy decor pieces bought from Copenhagen which are now permanently placed in our garden along with the wine bottles my FIL arranged for my decor DIYs.

I promise the above photo does not do the justice to the actual window.

..And, I am sure I would nurture plenty of more plants in coming monsoon.


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