August 25, 2011

Kidding?? :)

I really really love to play with kids!!... What I feel is ... They are much much better than us!

  • Taking decisions!!! -- so quick they are at... :)
  • They don't re-think!!! That keeps their tiny minds at peace!
  • They easily divert their minds!! :) :)
  • They give 100% to any problems and fight for it ;)
  • Their innocent smiles can actually melt a stoned heart!!! :)
  • Writing!!! They write anything and that makes you smile anytime!
  • They treat cheating as a sin!! :P (In terms of games!)
  • They can actually demand 'Chocolates'! :)
Life is fun for kids!! :) and for elders... 'Kidding!!!!....' !!!!!!! :P

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