August 24, 2011

Training treats....

Well I was out of town for a training programme at Igatpuri.... and.....

  • I learnt a lot about how a manager should work and where do I stand!
  • I played badminton like crazy!! super like!
  • I enjoyed the foggy beauty of Igatpuri.. Beautiful structures built by Britishers ..Some of them have become  haunted places! Walls are covered with lush green 'Parda vel'!
  • We actually visited a haunted place at night!!! :P
  • Clicked so many pics !!! :)
  • Made new friends :)
  • I really loved the relaxing atmosphere of the club sans my cold :(
  • I got plenty of time to introspect which I misused by doing worrying about work and life! :(
  • I met 2 of my old friends and that counts for a 'duper like'!
  • I wrote a lot lot in a diary and then I crushed pages into the dustbin as it was all BAKWAS! :p
  • I missed my Mumbai friends a lot! and I wanted to tell them all what I was enjoying!!!
  • I missed my music , my office buddies , My coffee and specially walks! Though the later one i enjoyed as a small trek in igatpuri :)
  • I am thinking of going to ' A medication camp'!!! Dont know why!!! :)
  • I really loved to talk to our mentor!!
  • I missed morning radio tunes I am addicted to!!!
  • I felt I could have been a TV reporter... Suddenly i felt so!!! :)
Very soon I am going to upload Igatpuri Photos!!! :)  Cheers!! :)

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